Touch Trump

Card Simulator “Touch Trump”.
Price Down!!
Let’s play various games with 53 cards.
When you are alone, you will play Speed ,Solitaire.
When you are with everyone,you will play poker ,blackjack and so on.
Please enjoy playing cards.

– Features –
You can move cards free to touch and slide on the table.
Slide the talon,card are lined.
Please use four types of chips if necessary.

– multiplayer –
If Bluetooth is “ON”,you can play with another players. (Only if it contains the same application)
Free Mode you select will be the parent.
Player Mode you can choose to connect to the parent. (Up to four people)
You can card out at the same time, and you can pass chips freely with other players.
Please enjoy a fun card game together.

– Minigames –
Pre-installed “Speed”,”Solitaire”,”Concentration”.
Please pass the time playing alone at times.

– Operating Instructions –
You can watch a video call from the app. (Only when connected to networks).

– iPad Only –
“Sevens” distribution Mode.
Move chips.
Automatically distribute cards to connected player.

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