Touch Slot 2


Touch Slot 2 is a premium quality, server-based Slot Machine Game for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Touch slot, with its new generation server-based game management offers you the most exciting slot game experience.

Experience the most advanced Slot Game yet for iPhone & iPod Touch.

- Server-based Game
- 5 Touch-based Reels
- 9 Lines & Adjustable Bet Amount
- Scatter & Wild Symbols
- Win Free Spin
- Gamble Feature
- Shake to Spin
- Vibrating Reels
- Animated Symbols and Pay Lines
- Real Video Effects
- High-quality Graphics & Sounds
- Play background music from you iPod Library
- Rotate to see pay table

Touch Slot requires a internet connection (WiFi, Cellular)

Touch Slot is a no-cash, simulation game.

Stay tuned, new slot games are on the way!

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