Touch of Beauty

Touch of Beauty has arrived!

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Everyone loves to find the differences!

Simply find the different spots in the similar images and touch them!

There are 5 different spots per image and when you find at least 3 spots in a given level, you move on to the next level.

But, if you get 3 spots wrong or the time runs out, the level is over.

The faster you find the differences, the more points you get, BUT if you miss, you lose points! So be fast but accurate to dominate the scoreboard!

Redo levels to increase your score and move on to new stages. You must complete at least 92% of a given stage to move on to the next stage. In other words, you must find 110 out of 120 total differences in a given stage to unlock the next stage.

You only have 90 seconds per level to find the spots. Do you have the “ninja” eye?

There are 24 levels per stage with 3 stages and a bonus stage of 5 levels totaling 77 amazing photos to tickle your senses!

This game sports high quality professional photos by a very talented photographer! These are one of kind and never seen before!

TIP: Can you spot the “hidden” animals? Find the hidden animals and unlock 5 bonus levels!

Be the first to dominate the Highscores leaderboard and share your scores with friends and family.

Do you have the special touch … for Touch of Beauty?

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