Touch Me! Lite for Phones

You start with 60 seconds. How many targets can you touch?

Touch Me! is fast to learn and fast to play. Touch and drag targets on the screen to add or subtract points, multiply your scoring, and give you more time. The more targets you touch, the faster they move and the more types you see. Your choices control what happens, and every game is unique.

Better with words? Play in text mode. Prefer pictures? Switch to symbols (even in mid-game!). Multiple built-in backgrounds let you mix things up. "Learn to Play" helps you master each type of target by itself. Built-in "Strategy" and "Hints" screens get you started on advanced techniques.

The rules are simple and the action is fast. Touch Me! challenges you physically and mentally. Can your eyes keep up with the screen? Can your fingers move fast enough to control the targets? Can your brain put together a winning strategy? Can YOU be #1 on the Game Center?

Play Touch Me! …and find out!

"Lite" Version: This version allows you to play Touch Me! but does not include Time Targets (which add precious seconds to your clock), limits your score multiplier, and does not record your score with Apple's Game Center. If you like this "Lite" version, you will love the "Full" version… the difference in game play is huge!

iPad Users: Be sure to download our iPad-specific version with higher-resolution graphics, more on-screen targets, and other big-screen enhancements!

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