Touch Magic

Touch Magic is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Touch Magic

In Touch Magic, you’re shown a pixilated image of an object, like a panda or flower, and then watch as it explodes into pieces. You then have to rotate the pixels, which hover together like a swarm of colorful insects, until from your vantage point the integrity of the picture is restored. This is one of those games you have to see in action to really comprehend.

Honey, I dropped the penguin again…

As much as we love the simple beauty of this game, it soon became apparent that something was missing. In the main game, you’ll spend 30 seconds trying to piece together as many fragmented images as possible, gaining three seconds each time. But this mode feels like a waste’” it doesn’t make good use of the core concept, and it’s completely lacking any depth.

Touch Magic has a beautiful, unique concept for a game. The core gameplay is simple, intuitive, and gorgeous to behold. And while meditation mode is tonally spot-on, we wish there was a lot more going on in the time attack mode.

A brilliant concept deserves a deep game to go with it, and Touch Magic isn’t it. Let’s hope this great idea goes a lot further in a future update.