Touch Brain 2-IN-1 (iAd Edition)

“Touch Brain” is not about memory aids, but goes to the heart of the problem, and stimulates the prefrontal cortex, thereby, improving brain function and memory ability.

Well done – I am one of those that did not do well in school and has always had an issue with math. Part of this reason is my memory. This app is helping me with both. It is basic math, so it is not an overall challenge for me, but it is enough of one to make me think. I have noticed that some of the problems I am solving at a quicker rate than I was in the beginning. The reason for four stars and not five is due to not having division as a part of the tests. Put that in and I will change it to five stars. Thank you designers, this is helping at least one customer .
-by Roswell1716

Update History
v1.7(In Review)
– Change Training Tempo!(Enjoy Training & Online score competition)
– Add OPenFeint.
-Add New Application :
★relax~brain★ – relax(sleep & meditation & yoga & relaxation) helper
– Change NumPad. (More pleasant interface)
-Show remain training count.
– Support FaceBook. ( you can publish your Daily Training Score with your status)

– Add Calendar View. Now you can see your Training History in calendar.
– Add “See Graph” button in “History” Menu. showing “Corrent Rate” and “Training count” by turn.
– Add “Write Review” button in Menu. You can see other users review and Write Your own review.

The Secret of Better Brainpower, Better Memory and Better Creativity.
The secret is quite simple. In solving difficult calculations only a small part of the prefrontal cortex and a small part of the left hemisphere were active. The right hemisphere was inactive. When engaged in solving simple calculations at a leisurely pace, the left hemisphere was a little more active and the right hemisphere came into play. It was when pushed to perform simple calculations quickly that the greatest brain activity occurred, and the prefrontal cortex was particularly active.

Do Training with “Touch Brain” every day. You grow wiser.

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