Tots Pop n Drop


A fun, entertaining and interactive way to teach your toddler
Colours, Shapes, Numbers, Animals and some basic food types.

Cute professionally designed graphics accompanied with delightful background music that your kids will love.
Keep your little one engaged and occupied when you need it most and don’t feel guilty about it.
They will learn hand eye coordination while playing and learning.

Floating balloons that sway, turn and POP!
Different backgrounds for each game, including day and night scenes.
When balloon pops confetti sprays out to reinforce colour and/or shape of balloon.

Fun, cute, dramatic popping noise that keeps your child engaged.
Awesome sound effects and glistening noises.
Toddlers are rewarded with clapping and praise when each game finishes.

Words are spoken, written and displayed at the same time,
so toddlers can put sound, text and illustration together.

Children learn basic foods that animals like to eat and animal noises.

Great for: waiting at doctors, at a cafe/restaurant, in a queue, travelling, in a meeting or just for fun at home.

Option to adjust volume of music, sound effects and voices.
and choice of female or male voice.

✓ No Advertising
✓ No In-App purchasing
✓ Simple game with no complicated menus – jump straight into having fun!
✓ Child-friendly interface
✓ Menu button is subtle in top corner, so it’s not too easy for little ones to press
✓ Clear and pleasant voices spoken in English
✓ Recommended Ages: 1-3
✓ Tried, tested and loved by toddlers
✓ For iPhone and iPad.

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