Torus Dice – A game of solitaire with dice

In TORUS DICE you distribute random 6-sided dice into a 6×6 grid. Adjacent pair’s and 7’s score points. However there is twist. The top row is connected to the bottom row and the left-most column is adjacent to the right-most column making the play field a Torus.

CRISS CROSS is a variation where in addition to the regular scoring, rows/columns/diagonals which are either all the same die or form a straight (one each of dice 1 through 6) score bonus points. CRISS CROSS adds a complexity to the game since you need to focus on global layout as well as the local layout.

AU CONTRAIRE is a version where you start with 144 points and *LOSE* one point for each adjacent pair or 7. This twist makes AU CONTRAIRE a much more difficult game to master.

The standard game is available for free and the variant games are available for in-app purchase.

Game Center enabled – compare your scores to those of your friends and globally!

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