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Torture Bunny Review

Contrary to cartoon lore, bunnies don’t get to hop around and look fluffy all day. Ever read “Watership Down?” Rabbits have it rough. Not only are they Nature’s fleet-footed version of the Big Mac, but their seemingly adorable and defenseless aura means they wind up in roles that pair them with ultra violent situations. Say, for instance, a stint in a torture chamber.

Torture Bunny is a puzzle/ ragdoll game by Clickgamer that decks you out in a virtual torturer’s hood and challenges you to go to town on a freaked-out bunny prisoner. What has this bunny done to deserve such pain and suffering? It’s not very clear, but if you’re uncomfortable with the idea, you can crop an image from your iPhone’s photo album onto the bunny’s face. The bunny’s ears will still be present, though, so you’ll have to pretend they’re growths or something.

Open up and say, “Aaahh.”

Torture Bunny’s gameplay is divided into several unpleasant environments– dungeons, towers, and even hell itself– and each environment is divided into a bunch of courses. For each course, you’re granted a limited number of torture instruments. You place the instruments strategically around the chamber, so that the bunny gets a maximum dose of pain once you drop him from his cage. Most of the chambers are also outfitted with some built-in traps, including swarms of bats, candles, and sharp ledges.

Every time bunny lands on something sharp and/or uncomfortable, you score points. You must score a certain number of points in order to move on to the next area. Additionally, you’re awarded one to three “Carrots” for an especially painful performance. “Boss levels” are interesting: they pad the bunny in armor, and you have to be especially clever in administering pain.

Torture Bunny isn’t shy about providing you with those instruments of discomfort: there are blades, punch gloves, bear traps, flame throwers, boxes of ferrets, sandwiches(??) and a whole lot more. The variety of pain-bringers highlights a problem with the game: the bunny’s reaction is pretty much the same for every encounter with a device (that is to say, a cheap-sounding scream).

One tough cookie.

Additionally, it’s hard to slot Torture Bunny into a particular genre. It can technically be considered a puzzle game, because your success depends on where and how you place your instruments. Unfortunately, the game’s loose ragdoll physics mean that Mr Bunny is going to flop wherever the heck he wants, so if you adjust your instruments after a failed attempt at sufficient torture, there’s still no guarantee of success. Compare that to a game like Angry Birds, where you must learn from your mistakes, and adjust your firing angle accordingly. More often than not, said adjustment brings success.

As for the thrill of simply torturing the bunny, there are other “hurt the ragdoll” apps on the App Store, with Kick the Buddy being a decent one. In that game, the ragdoll’s insults and pleas either compel you to stop, or hit harder. The mute bunny here is a different story: you don’t care if he drops from that cage or not. You don’t say to yourself, “My God, what am I doing in the name of a high score?”

That said, the sight of Torture Bunny’s body flopping bonelessly across a wheel of bats is worth a grin or two– and it’s fun to play just to see what instruments of torture will be at your disposal next. Then again, that might only be the case if you’re a budding sadist.