***** 1.1 update coming shortly with new characters and many new features and fixes! Spread the news! Thanks for the support! *****

Igor is a bit late. Help him rush through London on his way to the Stadium carrying the Flame!

Main features:

– Universal app supporting iphone / ipad, works on any device from iOS4.3+ (tested on iOS6 also)
– Choose your country, collect gold medals to race your country to the top (live medal board server)
– Complete 50 missions to up your score multiplier
– Collect points to compete against your friends (leaderboard)
– Collect rings on your way to shop for extras, gold medals, boosts and extra characters! The more you run the more value those rings get (2-3-4-5-6x)
– 5 different power up will help you on your way (extra life, energy drink, score multiplier, ring pack, magnet)
– Buy extra gold medals, unlock missions or objectives if they’re too hard, buy more transporters to save you on the way and boost all power ups and even rings! Boosting rings will result in starting the game with a 2-3-4-5-6 value rings!

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