Toque Mini Rock


Now you can sing and play with Mini Rock.

With just one touch you can enjoy and play along your favorit musics. Tap in the correct order and earn lots of points.

Play with the music “Peixe vivo” and enjoy christmas acquiring the exclusive Mini Rock version for the beautiful “Jingle Bells”.

Soon, you will be able to play all the musics from the album.


+ Samba Lê Lê
+ Escravos de Jó
+ Fui a Espanha
+ O sapo não lava o pé
+ Um, dois, feijão com arroz / Marcha, soldado
+ Atirei o pau no gato / Fui morar numa casinha
+ Pirulito que bate-bate / Ciranda cirandinha
+ O pião entrou na roda


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