Top Speed Boat Race Chase – Free Version

You’ve Just Stolen The New Top Secret Rocket Speed Boat So Crank The Throttle And Don’t Look Back… The Cops Are Coming And They Aren’t Happy!

Here’s the problem… you are racing through one of the busiest fishing harbors in the world and there are boats everywhere. You need to keep your eyes open and your hands ready on the wheel cause one false move and they’ll be fishing you up from the bottom of the river.

You will have some help though… your partner has a crew of boaters leaving floating fuel containers on the water for you to pickup so you can keep that top speed beast roaring through the harbor while you make your way to freedom.

Guaranteed to become an instant classic A Speed Boat Chase Race – Free Top Speed Game will keep you on the edge as you try to navigate the Top Secret Rocket Speed Boat avoiding certain death at every turn.

Get ready for fantastic graphics, addictive game-play and a soundtrack that keeps your heart pumping and your mind racing.

Game Center enabled so you can challenge your friends to see who deserves the right to claim the title of Super Elite River Racer!

Hours of fun for you, your friends and your family. Download A Police Car Chase Race Today! :)

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