Top KaKuRo 2

If you are a SuDoKu addict you will love Top KaKuRo 2.

It’s called Cross Sums in the USA, Kakuro in the UK, and Kakro in Japan.

What is it? A fun, entertaining and highly addictive puzzle game that will challenge and perplex you. As fiendish as Sudoku but with a new twist — now you must add up numbers in rows and columns to equal a specified sum!

Like all good puzzles, the rules are simple to learn but the game is difficult to master!

– Place numbers in the grid.
– Numbers must add up to the marker at the top or to the left.
– Each number in a line must be different.

Try Top KaKuRo 2, our version of KaKuRo!

Using the same guidelines that made Top SuDoKu a best-selling sudoku, Top KaKuRo 2 has:

– Crisp clean graphics
– Super intuitive easy-to-use interface
– Get hints when you’re stuck.
– Improve your logic skills.
– Full color support.
– And much much more.

Top KaKuRo 2 is developed by Nogasoft Ltd

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