Toons In Arms

Arm wrestling with humans is too mainstream! Try to arm wrestle with toons instead of humans!
Toons in Arms is taking arm wrestling games into a new level.

6 Unique Characters
There are six playable toons with different looks, strengths and weaknesses.
-Cunning and ambitious Xavier Sniffiuér
-Well disciplined and greedy Klaus Spitzer
-Funny and tough Alex Grizzov
-Strong gentleman Connor MacButcher
-Ruthless and coldhearted Ceaser Bruteforce
-Ferocious and beautiful Scarlet Kittyhara

6 Unique Special Attacks
Toons arm wrestle dirty, they can do anything to win!
Every toon has a special attack that gives him/her an advantage!

6 Stages & 25 Levels
It’s a long and a hard road to become a champion.
Toons arm wrestle at the toughest places such as scrap metal yard, truck garage and gym.

The Coolest Stuff!
Every victory brings a new prize for the toons! Complete objectives and unlock new items that will make your toon the meanest! You can customize your toon with coolest tattoos, shirts, bracelets and badges!

Game Center!
Achievements and leaderboards will show who the strongest toon is!

** For more information visit
*** New patch with multiplayer feature and many other surprises are coming soon!

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