Your favorite comedy manga, Tono To Issho has now became iOS game!

This strategy game will bring you an exciting experience to all of you.

:: Chapter 1 ::
-Legend Of An Eye Patch-
Date Masamune finds a rolled book showing a location of legendary eye patch. His retainers try to stop him and suggest that he plans the adventure carefully first, but he runs out the gate regardless.

:: Skill Up ::
Build and customize your skill from Experience Point.

:: Soldiers ::
Collect 12 soldiers and make them support you.

:: Special Weapon ::
Crisis is opportunity. Tap Bushou and knock the enemy down with special weapon.

:: Tip ::
If you get stuck, go back to the past. You might actually find something useful.

© 2012 Oba Kai – Media Factory / Tono To Issho Musical Production

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