Introduction of the Game:
This is a kind of mini game to express your love. If you want to get together with him and don’t know how to say. Just play the game and say your love loudly. As long as he touch the screen, the words you want will appear, which is a surprise and make your love an expectation.

The Features of the Game:
-You can write his real name on the screen and make your words more powerfully.
-As a present for him, he will get the reason to do something crazy.
-Seeing your words and feeling them by heart, which is the love.

The Rules of the Game:
-Bit the hiding button on the top left corner continuously for ten times and there are a window immediately for you to write. You can write down the words you would like to say. 
-Touching it slightly, he will see your words.
-What’s he touch on the screen is your deep love for him.

More Information:   
Fostudio office in Beijing

Words at the Last:
Love is easy. And there will be never lack of love, just lake of the way to love.Since a bit of new idea can touch him, I hope everyone could have new ways to love and to move.

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