Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six®: Shadow Vanguard FREE

For the first time on iPhone and iPod touch, enjoy a new FPS experience that allows you to lead a team of elite soldiers!
A global terrorist organization threatens the world balance. Only one team can prevent this: The Rainbow Unit!
These colors never run.

• The first ever Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® game available on the App Store!
• Challenge all the classic levels from the original game with updated and enhanced content
• Numerous stealth tools from snake cameras to silencers plus weapon upgrades to hit silent but hard
• An advanced real-time tactical system to give orders to your team in the heat of the battle
• Complete the entire game with up to two friends thanks to Local and Online Co-op modes
• A thrilling Multiplayer mode with 5 exclusive maps to face players from all over the world

Published and developed by Gameloft

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