Tokyo BINGO Resort(Free)

What’s Tokyo BINGO Resort (TBR)?
TBR is a service through which you can get prizes (Amazon gift cards) by playing BINGO for free.
TBR is not just any prize service!
Special Information about TBR
The service has just started.You might get a BINGO since there are few guests now.

It is very easy to enjoy TBR♪
1. Download the apps from the market and launch them.
2. Register as a guest by following the screens (charge-free).
3. Every day after 12 p.m., start the TBR application and get Bingo numbers!
4. People who get a BINGO can share the Amazon gift cards (up to $100) they get as prizes!

The amazing thing about TBR is that
1. 100 points can be exchanged for a BINGO card.
2. There are lots of ways to get points.
3. You can get a prize if you get a BINGO!
4. The prize is an Amazon gift card (you will receive it by e-mail)5. Best of all, you can enjoy all this for free!

Don’t wait any longer to start winning prizes! Try Bingo today!

The prizes in this application are administered by F&M Co. Ltd..
It has no relationship with Apple Inc. or any of its related companies.

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