kLoOge.Tokenizer (Mobile) is a program that allows you to select (or take!)
photos and transform them into Tokens. What is a Token? It’s an iconic,
graphical representation that you can use in role playing/tabletop gaming to
represent characters, monsters, tools or just about anything else you might
need. Once you’ve created a Token, you can import it into a program like
kLoOge.Werks – The Digital Gaming Table(c) and associate it with a character,
etc. to add unique flair to your games. Or you can print them out, share and
use them in your old-style tabletop games.

How does it work?

We’re glad you asked! The principle is simple: select (or take, if your
device has a camera) a photo, then compose it with the Overlay of your choice.
Once you have everything just the way you like it, save, email or print the
composed Token for use yourself or by your friends. It’s really that simple!


kLoOge.Tokenizer (Mobile) ships with an assortment of Overlays (more than
40!). An Overlay is a border that is placed around the region of interest in
the background image (say, for example, a person’s face). By selecting from
the wide variety of Overlays, you create distinction between Tokens and make
them more visually interesting and unique.

In addition to the Overlays that ship with the program, you can also purchase
(directly in the application) additional Overlays to further enhance your
choices for creating Tokens. There are four Overlay Packs for you to choose
from — Round, Pentagonal (5-sided), Octagonal (8-sided) and Cameo (oval).
Each pack is reasonably priced, contains at least 60 new Overlays and gives
you nearly infinite variety!


+ Includes 40+ Overlays to get you started
+ Use photos in your photo library as backgrounds
+ Take photos with your device’s camera to use as backgrounds
+ Scale, pan, flip and rotate your background image
+ Save your Token creations locally on your device
+ Email your Tokens to yourself and your friends
+ Print your Tokens directly in the app
+ 4 Overlay Packs for purchase (giving you over 280 possible Overlays)
+ It’s FREE!!

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