Toddler Teacher Mini

Toddler Teacher Mini allows your toddler to begin learning core concepts in a fun and intuitive way. Play alongside your child or allow them challenge themselves. The easy to navigate games mean that your toddler can play without any extra help. Each game has its own look and feel to keep the experience fresh as your child works through the various challenges.

*Toddler Teacher Mini is for the iPhone. A separate version for the iPad and iPad Mini will be available at a later date.

•Letters – Follow along with the “Spelling Bee” matching the pictures shown to the words they represent.
•Numbers- Help the robots by finding all of their pieces and putting them back together.
•Shapes- Match all of the shapes to their places on the board to claim your prize.
•Colors- Have fun catching all of the colorful fireflies.
•*Bonus Game- Fly your rocket ship in space collecting letters as you go, but watch out for the asteroids! (Cause let’s face it, who doesn’t like rocket ships?)

•Amazing artwork
•Full voice over
•Simple layout and design
•Lots of fun animations
•Mellow, soothing, and fun background music

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