TNT Penguin

CrazyMikesApps – he theme of the game is a bit hysterical, in that you are a penguin (with a large amount of TNT strapped to your chest) zigging and zagging across the board in a frenzy while trying to avoid the bad obstacles that will blow you up — it’s a little weird but definitely something funny about it.


“The perfect game to play while waiting for someone.” giantdolphin50

“Fun little game. In and out and your done. Good for lines.” oats12189

Your penguin is strapped with dynamite and needs you to keep him alive as long as possible. His life literally depends on you and your reflexes and skills.

A simple time waster game. Avoid the fireballs and green monster so your dynamite strapped penguin can survive for as long as possible. Move by tilting the device or touch and drag of the penguin. Old time game play in a top down perspective. 80’s classic retro game type.

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