tKaap LIVE

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Do you want to compete to originals challenges with your friends, anytime and anywhere? tKaap LIVE app allows you to dare your friends very easy and with a lot of fun.

HOW TO PLAY: Launches the app, choose the category that best describes the current vibes: night party, at school, at work… Put your phone on the table and spin the item in the middle of the screen. It will point out the person who will face the challenge. And so on!

Easy right? tKaap LIVE gives an original touch to the best time shared with your friends, to be sure they are unforgettable.


– More than 300 challenges
– 6 universes: anywhere, at school, night party, at lunch, at work and a very special “sensual” mode
– Many funs items to designate the challenger

In addition, the purchase offers you free regular updates with new challenges and universes to discover for hours of madness!


At a night party, Nancy and her friends launched tKaap LIVE app. After a few seconds of suspense, Seb is designated by the bottle in the middle of the screen. He must drink a full glass without hands. Giggles guaranteed!

Available in english and french.

iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch

An app created by the challenge website

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