Tix by Martijn Althuizen

Tix is a strategy board game in the classical style of games like chess and go. Its modern design hints at an age when cunning traps, bold moves, and calculated risks are the core of the game.

Tix is a game with refreshingly natural rules, arising from the simple physics of its cube-shaped pieces. The iOS version is designed to recreate this earthy feel of the game – a detail we’re especially excited for you to experience when you rotate the game board in your hands.

Whether you’re a fan of deep abstract strategy games, or want to give your brain a quick workout, you will enjoy Tix greatly.

– Pass-and-play multiplayer
– 3 levels of AI
– Play online via Game Center, against your friends or random players
– Excellent HD graphics, designed to capture the beauty of marble cubes on a deluxe wooden board
– Support for all 4 device orientation in a coolly natural way
– Superb atmospheric sound
– Game Center achievements

More about Tix:

Players take turns to add new pieces to the board or move existing pieces. Each player aims to neutralize the opponents pieces. Slide your pieces into position, judge when to sacrifice or when to protect your lead.

It’s an ideal game to lay on the table and start to play. It’s even better with a glass of wine in your hand.

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