Titans vs. Olympians

** The # 1 Titans vs. Olympians Collectible Card game in the Appstore **

Own your own deck of invincible gods, goddesses, legendary warriors and unleash your team on the world!

Titans is a collectible card game that lets you build a deck of heros and fight other players around the world. Challenge players worldwide at your level, and earn Gold and Silver.

Mix and match creatures, immortals, mortals, and battlefields cards to create an unbeatable array of characters. Gain experience and level up to unlock rare and legendary cards like Zeus’ Anger, Prometheus, Atlas and even Typhon! Collect all Olympians, Titans, Creatures, Heroes, Maidens and more!

What is the most effective way to create a fighting deck?

Zeus vs. Kronos?
Hera vs. Aphrodite?
Perseus vs. Odysseus?

Which battlefields are most likely to help enhance Poseidon’s power?


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