Tissue Box


Thank you for using our location based ranking system “Cocoge” services. We have two announcements related to our “Cocoge” service, which are as followed:

[1] Closing down Areal Ranking system and Competition services.
First of all we would like to apologies for this inconvenient approach, but as of January 31st, 2013, we will close down the Ranking system and the Competition services and starting from February 1st, 2013 all current rankings system, competition data and personal information will all be terminated.

Again, we apologies for the inconvenience and hope you will understand.


Just pull tissue on your finger earnestly!
Very easy and simple game app.

*4 types game
Enjoy game with four rules.

“How many?”
•10 sec rule.
•30 sec rule.

“How long?”
•20 sheets rule.
•100 sheets rule.

*Record challenge
You can check the score in single mode.
Try to challenge the new record!

*Duel Mode
Two people can play with your iPhone.
Please enjoy with family and friends.

*Multi Mode
Please install to the iPad.
You can play with four people.

*One more!
Do you saw anything other than the tissue paper?

[Recommended devices]

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