Tiptop: the last march.

Tiptop: the last march. is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Tiptop: The Last March Review

A game featuring the likenesses of singer Susan Boyle, TV doctor House MD, and a mashup of Will Smith’s Hancock superhero and President Barack Obama, Tiptop: The Last March does not disappoint in its weirdness. The game plays like a sort of hallucinogenic cocktail of pop culture and videogame tropes, but fortunately for anyone who buys it, it plays them pretty well.

You control an army of mini-versions of the pop icons listed above as they march mindlessly, bouncing off walls and into spiked pits if you let them. You can guide them by drawing bridges and inclines, and in a neat twist for the genre, you can also guide the game’s enemies as well.

Help Hancock to the White House?

You have a limited amount of ink, but in most levels it will quickly regenerate. There may not be a lot of levels in Tiptop, but they are generally well-designed and you can replay them for a higher Plus+ score.

What will really keep you progressing is not just the quality gameplay, but the bizarre settings the game throws at you. Ripped from the headlines, you’ll play levels based in a runny-nosed, Swine Flu-ridden Mexico, or a colorless Financial Crisis wasteland. We wish the text translations made a lick of sense, but you should be able to muddle through whatever story there is in the game.

We liked Tiptop better than the similar line-drawing platformer Age of Tribes, and Tiptop also has personality to spare. With a bit more content and a storyline clean-up, this could be an even better game.