Is your toddler as train obsessed as mine? I developed TinyTrax for my 2 year old son’s birthday because he adores anything and everything with trains. It is wonderful to watch him scroll through the car choices as he decides which one to pick next. Great practice for his little fingers!

Its pretty simple really. Fun train music, fun train graphics, and best of all it gives your toddler a feeling of accomplishment after they build their own train and watch it run across the screen with realistic sound effects. Your child can build their trains as long as they like while selecting from over 35 individual engines and cars. All the while TinyTrax makes sure there are only engines in the front, cars in the middle, and a caboose at the back! Once a caboose is chosen the train runs with full screen high-res images. It’s been great fun to see our son learn to remember the sequence of cars he has assembled and then cheering for the caboose at the back!

I hope your child enjoys TinyTrax as much as ours does.

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