Tiny War™

Nuclear weapon system available now!

What’s New in Version 1.06
√N-Bomb and the nuclear weapon system make the war easier
√Super Commanders arrived in Academy
√Res Purifier was added to boost resource output
√Aliens and Martians were involved in war
√Minor bug fixes.

Tiny War is a fantastic massively multiplayer online war strategy game. You will develop your own military base, produce weapons, train your troops, and deploy them to fight against enemies and players with the aim of expanding your military might and sphere of influence.

Tiny War’s ease of play and richness sets it apart from other games; it will also test your military strategy as you battle for supremacy. The game is packed with loads of buildings to construct, many types of troops, and tons of missions to complete. A unique battle format and special 3D mini games offer a rewarding and fun gaming experience.

* Develop your impenetrable fortress, even while offline
* Battle on world map against tons of enemy troops and vehicles
* Tons of things to build and missions to complete
* Rich graphics, cute animations, easy to use interfaces

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