Tiny Pirates

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Man the cannon on this barge of bantam buccaneers and show no mercy!

The Dread Pirate Rathbone, captain of the Poseidon’s Revenge, and his jolly marauders must collect a mystical treasure hidden across the seven seas. Command your crew to let loose destruction on fortified fortresses, ancient temples and treasure-filled islands. But beware, your enemies will not let you take these riches without a fight!

Tiny Pirates brings the adventure of the high seas to the palm of your hand with explosive physics-based gameplay! Don’t be a landlubber! Be sure to rate and review the game to let us know what you think!

Tiny Pirates Highlights

✓ Battle enemies through 60 levels of carnage
✓ Amass treasure and purchase ship upgrades and powerful projectiles
✓ Bask in vibrant high-definition visuals
✓ Collect gold, silver, or bronze coin performance ratings for each level
✓ Earn dozens of Game Center Achievements
✓ Compete for the top spot of Leaderboard
✓ Enjoy hours of replay value
✓ Share your progress with friends on Facebook and Twitter

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