Tiny Ninja Dash – Battle for the Bridge – Fun Toss Game

You must protect the Ninja Temple from the Dark Evil Ninja Clan. It’s a cold, windy winter day and you must get control of the bridge & tower thereby protecting the Ninja Temple from the Dark Ninja Clan. You have joined forces with the White Ninja Clan to stop the invasion.

You must try to knock the evil Dark Ninjas off the bridge with your throwing star so you can gain control of the bridge and protect the Ninja Temple. But it is a windy day and the wind will try and knock your throwing star off course. Aim carefully as you try and knock off as many as you can to WIN the battle. Watch out for those Ninjas disguised in the rice hats as it will take you TWO throws to knock them off. And of course make sure that you don’t hit any of the White Ninjas or you lose one life. Hit FIVE consecutive Dark Ninjas and you get one extra life.

Compare your high score count with your other Ninja friends in game center to see how you rank as a Ninja Warrior. A fun and addicting FPS (first person shooter) game that will make you come back for more!

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