Tiny Make-Up

Hey! You, pretty lady! Are you really going to pass away from this app?
Here contains everything for your beauty!
Through splendid combination of the makeup, accessories, sunglasses, manicures, clothes, hairpins, tiaras, skin tones, Make yourself much fancy lady! Don’t hesitate and start right now!

★ 1,000,000,000,000,000 (1000 trillion) combinations!!! ★

★ Fancy makeup box!
-contact lenses
-eye shadow

★ Beautiful accessory box!

★ Manicure, the essential for the fancy dressers!
-Diverse color
-Funny pattern selection

★ Elegant skin tone
-Diverse skin tone

★ Fancy clothes for perfect fashion
-Clothes in diverse styles

Wow! No show your beautiful figure to your friends!
You are fantastic!!

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