Tiny Crasher 2 – War at the Super Hero Temple

“All kinds of destruction and what feels like a million levels and weapons to burn through. You haven’t lived until you you’ve hurled explosives at the pixelated likeness of your favorite superheroes” – FreeAppsArcade.com ★★★★★

“I love fighting the heroes with different weapons. Highly recommended!” ★★★★★


Tiny Crashers are aliens equipped with enormous arsenals – ranging from rockets to missiles to nukes to grenades to napalm and fireballs! And they are attacking the planet inhabited by the Heroes who have ‘superhuman’ powers! But who are the Heroes? You’ll be surprised, amazed and wowed when you see and recognize the Heroes that the Tiny Crashers are destined to destroy!


Destroy the Heroes block by block. Complete each mission to increase your Leaderboard Rank! You have 30 different missions to complete!


You have 12 weapons in your disposal to create for complete chaos! Upgrade each weapon and increase its firepower tremendously.
Collect ammo and use your weapons at the most appropriate moment.


Don’t forget about your main weapon – the destroyer ball! Light it on Fire or make it Explosive or Triple it, or combine all three! You can create 3 destructive combos!


30 Heroes will stand in your way and will fight you till the very last block! You will join exciting battles with use of any weapon you choose! Use brute force to crush the Heros!

•Showcase Your Achievements!

6 leaderboards – find out which of your friends is the most destructive one!
10 achievements – challenge your friends and crush them!


The Tiny Crashers comic book is right in the game!

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Tiny Crasher 2 – War at the Super Hero Temple

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*********** INTERGALACTIC WAR BEGINS***********

Space raiders, known as Tiny Crashers, invade and proclaim war against the Hero Planet. But the Heroes fight back with all of their Superhuman power not to mention their Fire Power. The Tiny Crashers have their own arsenal of Rockets, Missiles, Nukes, Grenades, Napalm, Fireballs – just to mention a few. They mean business!

This game will keep you engaged for hours with all of the weaponry and levels.

*** Destroyer Balls – Tiny Crashers main weapon. Put it on Fire or make it Explosive or even have it split in three – tripling the destructive power!

*** 12 Weapons to choose from to help gain control of the Heroes Planet. Also all weapons are upgradable for even more Fire Power.

*** 40 Super Heroes to choose from that stand in the way between the Tiny Crashers and control of the Planet.

*** 30 Mission Levels to complete and improve your Ranking in the Tiny Crasher Space Army.

*** Comic Book included so you can find out the story of the Tiny Crashers.

*** Game Center Support
6 Leaderboards to find out who is the Best Tiny Crasher.
10 Achievements to challenge your friends and try to Crush them.

Download Tiny Crasher 2 – Clash of the Hero Temple and start Crashing.