Tiny Bugs

Can you catch all the Tiny Bugs? How fast can you catch them? Your eyes will be spinning by the end!

The objective of Tiny Bugs is to catch all the bugs as fast as possible. Simply tap on the bug to catch it, and it will move to the glass jar. Catch all the bugs to stop the timer. There are 3 levels of difficulty, which effect the size and speed of the bugs, as well as the amount of points you can earn upon completing a level.

Tiny Bugs is integrated with OpenFeint, so it makes score tracking seamless. Challenge your friends to beat your score. Can you unlock all the achievements?

Good luck!

Tiny Bugs

Far from our crowded cities, in the tiny tiny woods, there lives the Tiny Bugs! Fly through the complex vines labyrinth and challenge the unfriendly insects!

In this game, players can control different kinds of flying insects (lady bug, bee, cicada, firefly) using a single touch, indicating right directions to help them fly through the jungle full of enemies and obstacles. Meanwhile players need to collect as many “solar orbs” as possible to provide enough energy for the bugs to use their special moves. Each bug has a unique special move, so using different bugs may give players different experiences in the game. It is a infinite game in which players can challenge their limits by flying as far as they can. It is easy to get started, but it may be difficult to get a high score, players can spend a little time every time they try it, but a lot more time in total.

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* 4 different insects to be unlocked and played with
* 2 different scenes
* Different abilities for each insect
* Openfeint

* more insects and more abilities to be played with
* more scenes – the cliff, seaside, etc.
* different game modes
* different items like giant growth which allow you to bump off all obstacles