Tiny Blackjack

A fast-paced Western-Australian blackjack game designed to help you learn its basic strategy quickly.


* Tap to hit, swipe to stand
* Basic strategy tables
* Rules
* The focus is always on the basic strategy. You cannot change the bet value, cannot surrender and cannot pay insurance. You can split, re-split and double-down.

Rules (cannot be changed)

* Charlie 5
* Dealer stands on soft 17
* Player wins on 21
* Double split
* Push on 22

Click on the “App Support” button for more information (how the app has been designed, how to turn the app volume down, FAQ, report bugs…)

* This app is for entertainment purposes only. It is not designed to help or teach you how to gamble. The app creator cannot be held responsible for your gambling activity (damage, loss, win, etc.). Gambling is aged restricted, or banned in many countries/states. You must respect your country/state law.
* All information in this game is for entertainment purposes only, and its accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

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