TileCraze (AKA AL’s Revenge) is a puzzle solving game. The goal of the game is to complete a series of mini games which give either a point to the player, or the CPU. Each mini puzzle has a time period in which to be solved. If the player cannot solve the puzzle on time, the CPU scores a point, and if the player solves the puzzle on time, the player scores a point. The first to reach a certain score wins the final game (15 is the default, but this can be changed to suit the player’s level skill). The games get increasingly difficult as the levels increase.

The puzzle itself is a series of tiles that are arranged by symbol and color, and there are only certain moves which can be performed on the tile sets of four. The key is to re-arrange the mixed puzzle using the limited movements possible before the clock runs out. There is a catch. The CPU is also trying to keep you from winning and will periodically mix the tiles while you are trying to re-arrange them, but even the CPU has limitations on how much it can thwart your attempts.

May the best player win!

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