Tile Switch

New: Optimized for iPhone 5!

Exciting, engaging, and beautiful photo tiling app. Features a number of scintillating high-resolution nature images!

Test your photo-recognition skills and reaction time by solving these fast-paced puzzles. Rapidly piece together the pictures before time runs out!

Both kids and adults will enjoy this awesome game. Energize your brain and become alive with this amazing app!

Play custom images by either capturing a picture or selecting an image from your photo-library. Enjoy assembling together memorable photos of your friends and family already on the phone. Or instantly take a picture from within the app and being playing today!

Fill your moments of solitude with fun and laughter with this impressive photo tiling game. Reach us now at www.tileswitch.com

1. Fast-Paced Photo-Tiling Game
2. Play with High Resolution Images (Retina Display)
3. Select Custom Photos
4. Intuitive Interface (Tap a tile to select, tap another to switch)
5. Race Against Time
6. Optimized for iPhone 5!

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