Tikitic American Football: a word game for American Football fans with a fun keyboard…

How much do you know about the NFL teams and players?
With tikitic American Football, you can now play with the teams and players of the National Football League.

TikiTic is using our exclusive Tiki6Keys™ mobile keyboard technology providing the user with an efficient gaming interface.

Guess and kick the words that drop down the screen by typing the letters on the keyboard before they hit the ground. Try new moves with our keyboard: slide, touch, type with several fingers…

NEW ! Log in Facebook, share your score with your friends and see who made a touchdown!

If you’ve liked this game, run to Tikitic junk food (free) and have fun with other Americans favourites…

Wanna get Pro? Download Tikitic full version and train with as many themes as you want!

Want a game designed specifically around the team that you support? Any idea of other themes you’d like to play with?
Email us at tikitic@tikilabs.com and we’ll be more than happy to create a game for you, for free.

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Tikitic is using our exclusive Tiki6Keys™ technology

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