Tiddley Winks 2D


PLEASE NOTE: Tiddley Winks is a free download, with video adverts (in app purchase to remove. If an in app purchase has been purchased in earlier version then please re download remove ads purchase for free)

The old classic is back and its better than ever, get the wink into the red pot in as little moves as possible. Touch the wink to see the line then pull back and aim at the direction you want to go in, release and fire.
✔ Rubber walls
✔ TNT explosives
✔ Swinging blocks
✔ Ice blocks
Use your aim wisely to get the wink into the pot by using the walls to bounce off, avoid falling to the spikes below, or landing on the tnt. Twelve levels to keep your wits about you, play with friends and family and see who can complete the level in the least amount of shots. More updates to come!

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