Tic Tac Viewr

Tic Tac® mints can help you put a double-chickenwing arm-lock on the mundane and not let it up until it cries “fun!” This app let’s you interact with our Tic Tac® mints boxes, print ads, bus shelter ads, bar coasters, and our Tic Tac USA Facebook page and other fun stuff. With it, you can play our zany Microgames, get daily tips, and – using Augmented Reality – you can scan and play with our boxes and ads. And don’t worry! If you can’t find our ads, we put them all on our Facebook page for you to print out.

If you’ve nodded off a bit in life, maybe you should shake things up. Use this app to tamp down the boring and light a fire under the new and different. Enjoy!

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