Tic Tac TwisT AI

Challenge your friends on an advanced game of Tic Tac Toe. This is the way we used to play it in school on a piece of paper with a pencil. Now you can play it on your phone or tablet where ever you are! Select between two, three our four players. You can also select how many in a row you need to get a point and how many points needed to win. The board is scrollable so you will not run out of space.
Download this amazing game now and start playing! With your friends, your kids, whom ever you like or just by yourself against the computer AI.

Benefits to the free version:
AI mode, allowing single player against the app. Maximum four players freely selectable between human and computer. So you can play alone against three AIs if you dare.
Lightning fast new and optimized rendering engine. Initiating and cleaning the board is greatly improved.
Bigger play area for bigger games.
Lines indicating how points were won.
Multiple language support.
Your game settings are saved between sessions.
And of course, it’s commercial free!

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