Tik Tac School

Tik Tac School
This is an entertaining, easy to use tic-tac-toe game for your iphone/ipod touch. Play alone or with a friend, it guarantees a lot of enjoyment for you and your friends. The game stylized as a school nostalgia app with different difficulty levels and 5 surfaces to play on.

Tired of more cerebral games on your ultimate gadget? Want to recall happy days in elementary school? Have a lot of fun playing? This game was developed for you!

Human vs Computer
Human vs Human
Configurable Names for Players
Nostalgic Design of game
Multiple surfaces for play
3 levels : Easy, Normal, Hard
Play with X or O
Realistic graphics and sounds.


– Chinese Checkers
– Wolves and Sheep
– Gem puzzle free (with ad.)
– Battleship: Old Alert

Coming Soon:
Texas Hold em poker, Blackjack,Roulette Online

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