Thumbat – Pong for the 21st century

“It’s… on crack… loving the background music… it’s crazy… a fun game… definitely you need to check out this game…” – Jerad Hill,

“The staff here… were hooked for a good while… You can’t go wrong with this one” –

“A super fun fast game! ★★★★★” – Djellio

Clean the air of poison particles with your air purifying steel sky ball. The only way to keep the sky ball in the air is by deflecting it off your Thumbat recycling cans. Each particle effects the behaviour of the ball. You only have one sky ball and one chance. The sky is darkening, how long can you keep the air clean?


Versus mode – play against a friend on one screen!
Full arcade style sound effects and background music.
Ever quickening arcade action.
60 frames per second on latest generation devices.
Game Center enabled (iOS 4.1+).
Optional extra shields to help you last longer and score higher.

Have fun and good luck!

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