Throne Wars

Prove your cunning and bravery in THRONE WARS, the brand new medieval building game. Start out as a young regent of a single city, and go on to build an unbeatable kingdom! Are you fit to wear the crown?

• Learn to rule the realm in easy to play tutorial missions
• Grow your city to a formidable economic power
• Recruit powerful heroes and generals as governors
• Build a commanding army to fight against other lords
• Found new cities and expand across the kingdom
• Raze your neighbors to the ground and plunder their wealth
• Research new technologies, build ever more powerful weapons
• Play with thousands upon thousands of other players on a gigantic map

You are a young lord out to make a name for yourself. Choose your friends and foes wisely – the Throne Wars are won not only on the battlefield.

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***** Note *****
This game offers in-app purchases and requires an internet connection to play.

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