Three Little Pigs: Wolf's Labyrinth

“Help me! The big bad wolf kidnapped my brothers!”
Again, another story we know all too well… “The Three Little Pigs”.

The little pig has to go find his brothers in the big bad wolf’s scary labyrinth.

As the little pig goes through the dark and dangerous maze the enemy awaits with traps but the little pig protects himself from the enemy with many weapons that he finds in the maze!

What adventures will the little pig face in the big bad wolf’s labyrinth?

Can you really help find the other little pigs?


If you don’t take your time and enjoy the game you might just make a mistake with your sweaty thumb! So be sure to have something handy around to wipe your sweaty thumb with!

Remember, this game was designed especially to bring your eyes and neck into complete exhaustion, so be sure to save often and enjoy!

Please contact our support technician before posting a negative review if you notice a problem with the game. We are happy to improve the game!

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