Three Doors

★★★ Top Seller App ★★★

★ Have you ever heard about the “Monty Hall Theorem”?
★ Also Kevin Spacey in the film “21” try to explain it.
★ This theorem was found by the conducer of “Make a Deal” TV game.
★ in this game there was 3 doors, if you choose the correct you will win a car or else a sheep.
★ But after that you have make your choice the conductor it open a empty door and it ask to you if you won to change door.
★ If you say “NO” probably not have understand the “Monty Hall Problem”!!!

★ This funny App if contain the same game of “make a deal” with the three doors, and it make all the statistic of how probably you have to won if you change door, or if you not change door.

★ Also a simulator mode that try the game in automatic 1000 times and you will see the % of win if you change or if you not change door!!

★PLUS the explanation of the Theorem!

★You will love this App if you had study statistic or if you wanna see if the Monty Hall Theorem is really function!!!

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