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Can you go from SEED to LEAF in just four steps? Linx is an online version of a popular and addictive word puzzle invented by Lewis Carroll (you may know it as word ladder or word golf). Start with one four letter word, and change one letter at a time to try to get the target four letter word. A fun game for all ages!

With easy drag-and-drop play, an undo feature, and hints you can earn, Linx is easy to learn and quick to play. Download the Linx with Friends version to play with friends over GameCenter.

Fantastic Features:
– Earn hints (called “peeks”) as you play
– Undo mode
– Dictionary lookup
– Scoreboard support via GameCenter
– Play against the clock or practice

Did you try the puzzle above? One possible answer: SEED->DEED->DEAD->LEAD->LEAF!

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