Think You Know Me?

How well do we really know each other?
Do you really ever know anyone?
You may think you know, but we have made it super easy to find out!!!

Learn things about the people in your life that you may look past or not even see at all. Secrets you didn’t know or things you thought may have been true but were not. We are very close to many people in our lives, but what do we really know about a boyfriend, a girlfriend or even a family member? Perhaps there is someone you’d like to get closer to. It might surprise you how much or how little you really know a person. This game makes it really easy to custom make your very own friend quiz, and yes there will be scoring! You can even choose from our own pre-made questions to ask your friends or significant others.

The goal is not only to test a friendship or relationship, but you will get to know them as well! You might even find out something that is shocking. You might even find someone you would like to be more than friends with.

• Take or use photos from the Camera Roll or Facebook and send it with a question
• Full Camera+ integration – Take and edit pictures using Camera+
• Push notifications are sent after each question to notify you that it’s your turn
• Poke users if they take too long
• 500+ pre-made questions to help you out
• Graphs and stats to track your progress with each friend
• Bombs to help you out with those tough questions
• Cool sound effects throughout the app

Your ultimate goal is to reach “Best Friends” status with each friend. Every game starts your friendship at the lowest point. It’s up to you and your friend to reach the highest level.

Even the person we choose to be in a relationship in a perfect world is a best friend. We want you to find out who your true friends are. Are you sure you are a true friend? You’ll find out soon enough!

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