Think Fast


“…Think Fast is a nice iPhone app that will help me stay sharp as my mind slowly slips away.” ~ Out With The Kids

“Don’t be fooled by the cute graphics and game behind the Think Fast math app – this app will give your math brain a serious workout!” ~ The iPhone Mom

In the land of Chochos, two creatures named Chopas and Chokoz exist.
They like to go under the Lolli Tree and wait for candies to fall so they can eat them!
When they eat, they will get bigger in size.
You must only help Chopas to get the food.
Do not feed the Chokoz!

To shake the Lolli Tree and make the candies fall, you must answer the Math question shown on the Lolli Tree.
If you answer correctly, candies will fall and Chopas will eat them gladly!
Answer the question wrongly, Chokoz will eat them instead.
If Chokoz gets too large, it will eat up Chopas and the game will be over.

-Easy to pick up and just play
-Cute cartoon characters
-2 levels of difficulty
-4 types of game to choose from

Train your brain to Think Fast!

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