They Need To Be Fed

They Need To Be Fed is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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They Need To Be Fed Review

They Need To Be Fed is actually quite depressing. In the game, you’re essentially moving your little person through treacherous levels just so he (or she) can be eaten by a sludge monster at the end. Yet the stylish graphics and excellent gameplay make you completely forget about the little person’s inevitable fate. The whole idea is twisted but we don’t care and you shouldn’t either. This is a gravity platformer worth gobbling up.

They Need To Be Fed follows Soosiz’s gravity platforming style, which itself was similar to the hopping and jumping in Super Mario Galaxy. Basically, the platforms have their own gravitational pull, so you can waltz all the way around them. When you jump, you’re pulled to the nearest platform. Using gravity to your advantage is key to completing levels.

Each of the game’s seven worlds offers seven levels that bring new gameplay mechanics into play. Some examples are lasers, homing missile cannons, and platforms that either move or stop moving when you jump onto them. In order to unlock further worlds, you must collect enough of the diamonds placed around each level.

Ruh roh.

Once you collect 99 diamonds you’ll unlock each world’s ‘X level.’ These are easily the best part of the game because they completely change the gameplay. For example, one has a laser that you must move fast enough to avoid while another has massive platforms. Our favorite was a level where plants grow as you run over seeds, which effectively beautifies an already great-looking game. Unfortunately, the X levels are the only place where most of these ideas are used and we’d like to see the developers expand upon them in the future.

Although it has a lot of levels, They Need To Be Fed is a little on the short side because each level can be completed quickly. Even with Game Center integration, there isn’t much incentive to play through levels again, although you may very well want to. This is a hard game to put away.