War is unavoidable between the two races. Become a hero and lead your people to victory!
Control your hero character to cast magic and slay enemies.
In order to win, you must kill your enemies to collect mana and produce units to conquer your enemy’s castle.
Your enemies will become stronger. Collect gold and upgrade your units.


– easy and enjoyable game play
– wide variety of actions: control hero / cast magic / produce units
– choose from 2 races
– 20 types of units
– 6 types of heroes
– 18 types of magic
– unlimited number of stages
– unlimited unit upgrades

What’s new in v.1.1.0 – 06-Aug-2010

– Fixed the crash problem taking place when the wi-fi signal is weak.
– Fixed the graphic problem of upgrade menu in iPod+iOS4.
– Improved frame rate.

What’s new in v.1.0.6 – 22-Jul-2010

– Multitasking support in iOS4
– Improved Enemy AI
– Added option : Perspective mode (this could cause low fps)
– Adjusted unit balance
– Fixed some bugs
– Improved frame rate

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