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TheSlayers Review

Robert Frost included an old adage in his poem Mending Wall, which states ‘Good fences make good neighbors.’ Think of how much could be spared in both life and treasure if the good and evil armies in TheSlayers could just quit their fighting and put up a nice solid fence between them. In addition, it would spare you from this dull and repetitive game.

Like in every other castle defense game, two opposing sides have built castles right next to each other. As your mana meter builds up, you can summon marching minions to do battle on your front lawn, with the ultimate goal being to destroy the enemy castle.

Good armies make good neighbors.

In addition, you’ll take control of a hero unit on the field, where you can button mash and help turn the tide of the larger battle. When your hero unit is knocked out, they’ll revive after 10 seconds, during which your opponent will temporarily have the upper hand. Your opponent doesn’t have a hero unit, but they do start with a lot more mana than you, and as a result can summon a big army sooner.

TheSlayers starts out slow, literally. Your first few encounters will involve a lot of waiting, as your weaker soldiers march to the other end of the field. In later levels, the difficulty ramps way up, and you’ll find yourself overwhelmed often. Fortunately, even if you die you’ll still earn valuable gold, which can be used to unlock and upgrade new soldiers.

Besides an uneven difficulty curve, TheSlayers also suffers from some very unattractive graphics. Rendered in the overused ‘doodle’ style, your warriors are little more than stick figures. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they’re all basically stick figures with only a helmet, spear, or set of wings to distinguish them.

Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb.

The biggest problem with TheSlayers is not the unimpressive visuals or the choppy difficulty. It’s the fact that this is a game where repetition is the only way to advance. You’ll mash on the attack button hundreds of times in a normal battle, knocking down the health of your enemies without performing any interesting combos, even though you do have some special moves with a cooldown timer. You’ll also summon the same few soldiers and play through the same dull environments again and again.

It’s hard to make a compelling strategy game where you have to wait to spawn units, but games like Trenches and Battle of Puppets succeed where TheSlayers does not. Try those games instead, or beat ‘˜em ups like Caligo Chaser or Hybrid for more of an action fix. TheSlayers is a cheap choice, but it’s not the best.